This wiki was created by a veteran player Kingsam140 (trumbama#1779). It is no longer maintained by myself and may be maintained by the community.

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Bullet Hell is a game on ROBLOX created by the Development Team of GoodByte. It is a simplistic shooter where you are pit against 11 others in a free for all

battle! Eliminate the opposition using 80+ different weapons. This wikia is dedicated to fanon and stories about Bullet Hell and providing information on parts of Bullet Hell.

Create fanon articles, or fan stories about Bullet Hell or gather information on the history of Bullet Hell and its progression.

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About GoodByte

GoodByte is a development group on ROBLOX that currently runs and made the games Survive Area 51, Bullet Hell, and Epidemic. It's most popular games are Bullet Hell and Survive Area 51, and it's upcoming game is Epidemic (Early Access). The two big owners of the group/games consist of Hexloid and HexIoid.


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